Classic Literary Women as Hallmark Christmas Movie Heroines

Reader, I married him… on Christmas.

We all know about the iconic Hallmark Christmas movies, and maybe even watch one or two a year. But what if our favourite classic literary heroines were in one?

Elizabeth Bennet

Pride and Prejudice

Lizzie B. owns a bookstore in a small country town that loves Christmas. She inherited the store from her parents, who died recently, but it’s threatened by Mr. Collins, who wants to buy the property and turn it into a condo. Two rich and mysterious men show up in town just in time for the Christmas festival; Mr. Bingley has Christmas spirit, but Mr. Darcy is a bit of a grinch. Through the power of Christmas and a little help from her sisters, the bookstore is saved and Elizabeth finds love in an unexpected place.

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Through a series of mishaps, Jane unwittingly becomes the governess of the daughter of the king of a small — almost unknown — European country. Though she doesn’t fit into royal life, she holds firm to her values and forms a strong bond with the princess as they get the castle ready for the annual Christmas ball. As time passes, Jane begins to realize she’s falling in love with the king, however, some dark secrets keep them apart. Just as it seems all hope is lost and the kingdom is about to collapse into financial ruin, Jane saves the day and marries the king (on Christmas of course).

Josephine March

Little Women

Jo March arrives in a small town after being left a large Victorian house by her recently deceased great-aunt. She’s torn between wanting to keep the house, but wanting to travel the world and write. Her family has fallen on hard times and she could use the money that would come from selling the house, but she dreams of being able to support her family with her writing. She’s encouraged by her attractive neighbor to enter a short story in the town’s Christmas writing competition. She wins the top prize for her Christmas story and — though somewhat inconveniently — the hearts of her neighbor and a local teacher. Feeling confident, she submits a book she’s been working on for publication but turns down the two suitors. On Christmas Eve, Jo gets word that her book is going to be published with a large advance, saving both her dream and her great-aunt’s house.

Anne Elliot


To earn a little more cash over the holidays, Anne rents out her house as an Air BnB while staying with her sister. Unbeknownst to her, the brother of the couple renting Anne’s house is a man she’d been engaged to seven years ago. The relationship had ended a bit tumultuously. The two can’t seem to escape each other at all the Christmas events around town, despite their best efforts. It doesn’t take long for Anne to remember what she used to love about him. With some family intervention and the help of Christmas magic, Anne gets a second chance at love.


Twelfth Night

On her way home for Christmas, a violent snowstorm leaves Viola stranded in a small town. Her car is damaged but she doesn’t have the money to pay for the repairs. In order to make some money, Viola takes the only job available, as a valet to a local rich businessman. The catch: she has to pretend to be a man — specifically her twin brother Sebastian. All goes well until she attracts the attention of the town’s resident beauty, though she is falling for the businessman, who is in love with the town beauty. When the real Sebastian shows up looking for Viola, it’s pandemonium until Viola reveals herself and everyone ends up in love just in time for Christmas.

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