How the Responses to my Ghostbusters Story Prove my Point

So “girl power” makes a movie suck.

Ghostbusters remake sucked because the movie sucked, not because men are evil.

I recently wrote a story about the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot and how, despite all the hate it got, the movie is a perfectly fine film.

The point of the story was that the film got WAY more hate than it deserved and mostly from people (more specifically men) who hadn’t even seen the film. The trailer on Youtube still gets hate from people (mostly men) just because they feel like it. It’s unprecedented.

The responses to the story on Medium and Facebook were generally positive or they said they didn’t like the movie, but by actually seeing it and deciding it wasn’t their cup of tea.

But some of the responses I was getting, specifically from men, really made me think because they seemed to be proving my point. Men will come out to post significantly longer comments about why they don’t like the movie, whether they’ve seen it or not. The consensus seems to be that it deserved hate because it was “pandering to the feminists” and using “social issues” — like women in leading roles — to make money.

I haven’t seen it so I could be entirely wrong, but my impression was that the producers were using the appeal of a nearly all-female cast to win an audience to whom wokeness is important; i.e. shilling by using social issues, and I have a problem with that if it’s the case. (Facebook comment)

Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

The main point of the movie was to make a film about girl power. That is what made it suck. If they just set out to make a great movie that happened to have leading women, thats cool and it would have worked. But they didn’t. They wanted to make a movie for feminists to praise first, and then try to make a good film second. (Medium response)

So “girl power” makes a movie suck.

Pardon my womanly ignorance, but how does making a women-lead movie constitute a social issue? Who decides whether the writers and directors of a movie are pandering to feminists? I don’t remember reading anything about the directors wanting feminist approval except the comments made by those who already hated the movie simply for existing.

It seems that any time a woman has a leading role in a previously male-dominated franchise it automatically means that she’s not there because she adds to the story, she’s there to “appeal to feminists” and that’s a bad thing. According to some men.

So what?!

So what if something appeals to feminists? Doesn’t enough media pander to men ALL THE TIME?

If I ranted on the internet every time I saw a movie that was clearly pandering to men, I’d probably never stop. For such a long time, women in movies were there for men’s benefit. Now that there are movies about women FOR women, suddenly it’s a social issue.

If you think that female-lead movies are bad because they are “pandering to feminists” maybe take a moment to think about why you feel like all media has to be for you to be good.

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