How To Be A Little Old Lady at 25

An expert guide to embracing your inner granny/grampy at any age.

So you want to embrace your inner granny. You’ve come to the right place. I’ve often been called a little old lady living in the body of a twenty-something (okay, yeah I’m 25). Anyone can be a granny if they want, it’s not about gender at all. I’m just using the word granny because it fits for me. But, by all means, embrace your inner grampy or something else altogether.

I don’t see it as just acting like an elderly woman. For me, this is about having balance in my life, not letting what society expects of me dictate that I do. If people laugh at me, that’s fine. I’m happy to be a little old young lady, and you can too!

Just follow these simple steps:

Slow Down

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” — Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Society has it deeply ingrained the idea that if you’re not busy, not constantly productive, then you must be lazy. You should be working as much and as hard as you can, exercising on a regular basis, maintaining a socially acceptable number of friends, going on dates, etc., etc., etc., on and on until you’re no longer a commodity.

Modern society has commodified every aspect of our lives. But that’s why it’s more important than ever to slow down. Take a breath. Enjoy the moments of quiet, where you can just be with yourself. It’s not laziness — well it’s not just laziness — it’s taking care of someone who matters. You.

To truly embrace your inner granny, you need to learn how to be a little more sedentary. I call myself a “couch mushroom” if I’ve spent a day relaxing. You deserve to be a couch mushroom once in a while.

Take a moment to look up at the sky. Take a moment to look down at the ground. Notice the clouds. Notice the tiny ants.

Life is too short to be rushing from task to task and not appreciating what’s around you. Don’t be ashamed of needing time to yourself. Don’t be afraid to be a little lazy.

Find a Quiet Hobby

I know a lot of people whose activities include Crossfit, running marathons, power/hot yoga, and other things that involve a lot of intense work done pretty fast. This point connects to the slowing down, but it’s important to do something that doesn’t need to be so intense.

I’d recommend doing something that you can physically work with your hands, crafting, knitting, sewing, painting, drawing, pottery, etc. These aren’t activities that are competitive, they don’t need blood and sweat to accomplish. The act of making something tangible is satisfying for the soul.

I can’t knit with needles, though I’d like to learn, for now, I knit with a loom. I’ve made hats and a couple of cowls, and I’ve been working on a scarf for a while. I also paint and draw. When I finish my project, I feel like I’ve really done something. There was just some wool or a blank canvas, now there’s a hat or a painting.

The act of being quiet and slowing down is important for connecting with yourself and sometimes with others. I love giving someone a hat I’ve made for them, or when someone says they love the painting I did.

I also love — but don’t get to do it that often — to bake. Recently, I made a chocolate cake for my mom’s birthday. The act of putting the ingredients together and creating something eatable and beautiful is such a meaningful thing. And I got to eat chocolate cake!

You don’t need to be constantly on the go and moving and intense to create something meaningful.

Blankets are Friends

There’s nothing more blissful for me than coming home from work and getting under my favourite blanket. This one is so cozy and I feel weird if I’m sitting in my old-lady recliner without it. Imagine a 5 foot nothing 25 year old in a 90s vintage LazyBoy recliner under a red plaid blanket. That is me at peak granny.

The plaid blanket is not my only blanket. I have wool knit blankets and a couple of quilts. My home-world is just full of cozy things. I wholeheartedly subscribe to the idea of hygge (the Danish concept of coziness/happiness). That means blankets and cushions.

My inner granny loves hygge because it’s about camaraderie, good food, good vibes, relaxing, being cozy. There’s nothing more comforting than eating some comfort food, under a blanket, next to a fire. The blanket is an important component. It brings the coziness to the next level.

Now, I’m not saying you need to go out and buy a blanket to be a master granny, but it’s important to remember that blankets just make it better. Blankets make everything better… everything. Become one with the blankets.

Okay, this is going to a weird place. Moving on.

HGTV and The Food Network Rock

There’s something comforting about watching people renovate houses or watching people cook/bake. Nothing crazy stressful is going to happen, at most someone will find a wiring problem in the house or their cake is still raw in the middle. There’s nothing political, nothing sad. I know that when I’m watching HGTV or The Food Network, I’m safe.

For your inner granny, it doesn’t HAVE to be HGTV or Food Network, but finding a show or channel that you can put on at any time and feel good watching it is important. We’re constantly bombarded with media that makes us unhappy, so finding something that doesn’t contribute to that is vital. My favourites are Masters of Flip and the various seasonal Baking Championships. It’s a nice break from all the stressful content that’s on TV and in movies right now.

It’s about taking a stress break. Setting aside some time for yourself that doesn’t involve anything distressing. This can even be a book! I’m all about reading, but I used HGTV as an example because I feel it’s more associated with the granny lifestyle.

You deserve to destress and take some time to do something that could be considered doing “nothing.” Give yourself time to become a couch mushroom and do something that you can enjoy without too much thinking. Everyone spends so much time with their minds going a mile a minute, watching a little harmless TV is a way to disconnect with the hamster-wheel brain.

It’s Never Too Early for Pyjamas

There have been especially stressful days at work where I’ve come home and immediately put on my PJs. Some days — not very often — I won’t even get out of my PJs at all. I’m sure I’m not the only one. But if you’re someone who raises an eyebrow or two at this, maybe it’s time to give it a try.

Pyjamas are pure comfort, and when I put them on it means that I’m not leaving the house for the evening, my “adulting” responsibilities have been cut in half. It’s time to slow down and chill. And it’s a reminder that bedtime is not that far away.

What could be better than putting on clothes that are made purely for comfort? Not much, I can tell you.

You also don’t NEED to buy new PJs, but the process of buying new PJs is one of life’s little joys.

I don’t know what else to say. It’s a pretty simple step in embracing your inner granny. If you haven’t put on your PJs while it’s still light out, you’re missing out.

Bedtime is Whenever You Want It

Speaking of… Don’t ever feel bad for going to bed early. Sleep is so important for general well-being, so getting a full night’s rest is one step you can take.

Life and stress get in the way a lot, and there is always social pressure to go out and party late into the night. I’m such a bad partier because I want to make sure I get home with enough time to sleep. I always feel kind of awkward when I’m asked if I’m a “morning person” or a “night owl” because I’m really neither. I go to bed early and sleep as late as I can.

When I don’t get enough sleep — and I KNOW when I don’t — I’m a hot mess during the day. I HAVE to get 8–9 hours of sleep and I believe it’s something that has benefitted my life greatly.

Your inner granny doesn’t care that it’s only 8 pm, they’re going to bed because they’re tired. And you should too.

A bedtime routine is said to be a good step in getting a good night’s sleep. Mine isn’t too complicated, and yours doesn’t have to be either. I usually wash my face/brush my teeth, put on my PJs if they aren’t already on — which is rare, and I always try to read even for a few minutes. These three steps are enough for me to get into a settled state and ready to sleep. One thing I don’t usually do, but I SHOULD do, is turn off my electronics. I’m guilty of scrolling through Instagram when I should be reading. There have been multiple studies that suggest using an electronic device right before bed can disturb your sleep routine. So, do as I say not as I do.

To sum up, go to bed as early as you want and having a bedtime routine is beneficial for settling in for sleep.

Don’t Let the Whippersnappers Get You Down

I have been made fun of by my own parents for being a little old lady at such a young age. But I don’t care what they think — okay, maybe a little — and that’s key for embracing your inner granny. People will try to make you feel bad for spending four hours watching HGTV under a blanket, but that’s their problem, not yours.

You deserve to feel good about your choices, and no time is wasted when you’re enjoying yourself. The world is convinced that a person’s value comes from how productive they are. Embracing a little “unproductivity” can bring a little balance back into your life. Working until you burn out isn’t healthy and you shouldn’t feel bad for taking care of yourself.

Don’t let the youngins tell you that you’re “lazy” for wanting to take a nap instead of going for a jog. Staying inside to enjoy a good book or movie sounds like a dream and one you deserve.

This is what embracing your inner granny is about: letting yourself have a moment to slow down and take care of yourself. Do something small and relaxing, or don’t do anything at all. Turn yourself into a blanket burrito and don’t come out for the rest of the day, that’s fine! You go! Blanket burritos are the best.

I hope this guide has helped you on the journey to find and connect with your inner granny. One resides in us all.

Writer || INFJ || Wellness junkie and chronic oversharer.

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