I think the key here is that this whole situation is so much more nuanced than the internet can handle. When Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of being a “wife beater” so many people quickly jumped on the anti-Johnny Depp bandwagon and basically wanted to burn his life to the ground – the way the internet does. But, when it came out that Amber Heard was abusive (whether or not Johnny Depp was abusive to her), suddenly it was Heard as the bad guy. And that’s the thing about these issues and the internet. There always has to be a bad guy and a good guy, but it can’t ever be… “yeah, everyone sucks here.”

My one disagreement with a point you made, though, is that in this situation Amber Heard tried to ruin Johnny Depp’s career and has been proven to be a pathological liar. I would hesitate call her a victim in relation to the trail. The fact that the nasty British tabloids were brought into their personal life by Amber Heard is deplorable, no matter whether or not they both were to blame. I think Johnny Depp deserves justice for the defamation he faced. He’s not innocent by any means, but Amber completely lied and actually used someone else’s abuse story against Johnny. If Amber didn’t want to deal with a heavy backlash, she shouldn’t have lied so atrociously and brought the public into their divorce.

Anyway, you’re completely right about their clearly toxic relationship. I just wished they could’ve just divorced and moved on with their lives.

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