My Main Character Summer

It’s about damn time…

Jenna Goldsmith


Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

As of this week, I’m officially unemployed and it’s terrifying.

I’ve already felt like a burden to my family by not being able to afford to move out of my parents’ house while trying to pursue my writing — yes, with their support and a part-time job.

But, with the continued support of my parents and some heavy-duty budgeting, I’m spending the next three and a half months (give or take) without employment. And I’m ready to let myself be scared but excited at the same time.

All of this came about from a haphazard plan made last year where I was supposed to have a job lined up at the end of May. But, as I should’ve been able to predict in this chaotic time, the plan fell through.

Instead of sticking it out in a job I was ready to move on from, I’m giving myself time.

So what am I doing?

Becoming myself.

The past couple of months and a small mental health spiral left me with a strong desire to simplify my life. This has led to some introspection and reflection on what that means.

Besides stepping away from social media and closing my side hustle (RIP The Littlest Online Bookshop), this sudden swath of free time has left me with room to continue on this journey. But it wasn’t until recently that I decided I wanted to do something more for myself than just simplifying my life.

I wanted to luxuriate in a summer of self-love, kindness, and joy. Basically, a “main character” summer.

If you don’t spend much time on the younger side of the internet, you might not have heard of “Main Character Energy.” It’s a phrase which means seeing yourself as the main character in your own life and romanticizing your life wherever you are.

It’s easy to idealize others’ lives on Social Media when they only present the nice parts of life, and it’s easy to start believing that they don’t have any messy or negative moments. To self-romanticize is to live your life exactly how you want, live to the fullest, appreciate the little moments, and start embracing your strengths.

In the immortal words of the musical goddess, Lizzo, “It’s bad bitch…