So I’m Starting a Lit Mag

Good idea? Bad idea? I guess we’ll find out.

Jenna Goldsmith


I guess it all started with a short story I’d written. This short story — more of a flash fiction type — was kind of spooky and creepy and I was proud of it.

And what do you do with short stories?

Send them out to be published.

But the more I looked for a place where my story would fit, the more I realized there wasn’t much out there… at least not for my specific story.

Either the publications were closed (permanently or not) or they were looking for something much different than what I’d written.

I felt discouraged.

And with the growing collapse of the publishing industry due to late-stage capitalism and greed and this odd reliance on TikTok to market books, I realized the literary world needed more purely creative spaces.

So I went to my partner and asked if they wanted to start a literary magazine with me.

“We should start a literary publication together.”

Turns out, they’d been thinking the same thing.

That’s how Dusty Attic Publishing was created.

We both wanted to create a space for writers to share their love of all things fantasy and horror, with a whimsical twist. It’s a contentious topic, but we are firmly pro-cozy horror.

This cozy attic filled with forgotten stories seemed like the perfect place to invite people to share their stories too.

It’s definitely been a journey — and one that will keep bringing lessons as we go — but I’m so excited to be creating a space that’s made for writers by writers.

It will be a purely creative space.

If this sounds like your kind of place, consider submitting a short story or poem. Our submission guidelines are here.

We’re offering a completely free quarterly magazine full of fantastical and creepy stories and poems, but we want to make sure our writers are compensated for their talent and hard work. That’s why we focused on making sure we’d be able to pay our writers, even if the magazine itself is free.

For early access and bonus stories and extra goodies, consider joining our Patreon. Or consider a one-time donation via Ko-Fi.

I can’t wait for you to join us in the attic.