Stop Trying to Prove Yourself. Just Create.

You don’t need anyone’s permission

Jenna Goldsmith


Everyone, every single person on this planet we call Earth, is making it up as they go. So why can’t you?

So I published a literary magazine just over two weeks ago.

Actually, it was a joint effort between me and my partner as we launched this literary passion project of ours. We had no idea how it would be received or if anyone would even read the first issue.

To mask my nerves leading up to the publication, I tried to hype it up on social media.

I’ve never been someone who has felt very comfortable self-marketing, though the skill is extremely useful for writers nowadays. This has meant, though, that my social media presence is fairly lukewarm most of the time.

But I wanted to share my passion for what we’d created, so I poured that into my posts.

And, surprisingly, it actually kind of worked.

Our follower count doubled in less than 24 hours and it’s been slowly growing ever since.

My excitement also grew as the publication date approached. I knew we’d put all of our hearts into our stories and we worked so hard to bring our shared vision to life.

When it was out in the world, there was a part of me that expected crickets. But, the feedback was positive!

There were ZERO expectations for it to take off and go viral or anything, so the fact that we received any hype at all was amazing. This was more than enough proof for me that in the past I’ve stressed too much about how I would do something, instead of just jumping in and doing it.

It has been oddly freeing to do something and not constantly overthink the process or be paralyzed by imposter syndrome.

I wish I could bottle this feeling and infuse it into all of my projects.

But it’s proof that, yes, you can just do the “thing,” whatever your thing is.

There are no “qualifications” required to create, nothing at all — yet, we put ourselves into these boxes of “unqualified” or “not good enough” before we even have a…