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Last year, to celebrate my favourite and most spooky time of year, I wrote an article about the 13 spookiest graveyards from around the world. Now I’m back with a list of the world’s most haunted places! Thirteen of them, of course.

Just as a heads up, some of the places I included in this list are part of the colonial history in South Africa and Indonesia, and unfortunately I can’t delve into too much about that in this article unless I wanted it to be a 50 minute read. …

Here’s what I’ve learned

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If you’ve been following me at all, you won’t be unfamiliar with my teeny-tiny online business: The Littlest Online Bookshop.

In case you don’t know, TLOB is a very small independent used bookstore completely online. I ship internationally and am working to connect people everywhere with books. It’s my passion project and something that has basically taken over my life… besides my actual job, that is.

Over the last two months, since the store opened, I’ve learned a lot. …

It’s not about what you have or where you live, but what you do

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I’m a bit of a wellness holistic spiritual slow living junkie. Please don’t laugh at my ever-growing collection of crystals and tarot cards and my breathing exercises and my addiction to herbal wellness teas.

This is what wellness looks like to me. It’s full of energy work, yoga, tea, gardening, and trying to live as slow a life as possible while also living in the suburbs.

Now, I’m not talking about Wellness Culture. No. I’m talking about being a happy and healthy person on a daily basis.

But sometimes I feel like maybe it would be easier if I could just walk around the block and pick up a healthy cold-pressed juice whenever I felt like it or wouldn’t it be nice to have wholesome organic food every day? Access to a wilder variety of eco-friendly choices is somewhat limited unless you’re in a city. …


Jenna Goldsmith

Writer || INFJ || Wellness junkie and chronic oversharer.

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